About Us

EMpower Strategy Group


EMpower Strategy Group is a company with a mission to enable personal leadership and strengthen community capacity building to drive change.

We aim to build:

Leadership Development: EMpower Strategy Group delivers a series of powerful leadership development opportunities designed to build sustainable leadership both at the individual and community level. Click here to learn more.

Women’s Leadership Program: At EMpower Strategy Group we are keenly interested in supporting women’s leadership in all aspect of our community. We deliver empowering programs to enable women to create lives of purpose and passion, offering strategies that will foster their leadership at work, at home, and in the community.  Click here to learn more

Community Development: EMpower Strategy Group offers innovative and effective community development strategies and processes to foster community engagement and build inclusive communities and connect people so they can work collaboratively on important community building initiatives. We conduct community consultations, group facilitation, stakeholder engagement, community mobilization and other community development strategies to build capacity and inspire change. Click here to learn more about the programs offered.

Our knowledge transfer platform includes:

Capacity Building Events
Speakers Series

Diversity and Inclusion:

We work with communities who are traditionally marginalized, to bring their voices and perspectives in community building. We believe in using inclusive and anti-oppressive practices in community development. That is why we offer a diversity management as a part of our learning platform.