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Workshops for Women

At EMpower Strategy Group we are keenly interested in supporting women’s leadership in all aspects of our community. We deliver empowering programs to enable women to create lives of purpose and passion, offering strategies that will foster their leadership at work, at home, and in the community.

Our clients include those who are already in leadership roles and those who are ready to get started. Our leadership capacity program serves to better equip people for increased responsibility and accountability in their personal and professional lives.

Ever wondered what your leadership style is? Looked for tips on effective communication? Tried to define your personal brand? Wanted to work on your leadership at the office? Felt that women’s economic concerns needed more attention? We regularly host workshops on these topics and more.

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Here is a sampling of some of our Leadership Development workshops offered:

What’s Your Leadership Style?

Explore how your personality traits impact on your leadership style.

This half day workshop allows you to assess your own leadership potential, identify where you fit on the leadership spectrum, and develop practical strategies to improve your leadership skills.

Communicating Effectively

All leadership begins with effective communication. Leaders must be skilled at conveying their ideas and goals to others. We know that good leaders are good at observing, listening, articulating, and communicating. This half day workshop will help you to articulate your values, clarify your goals, and openly listen to those receiving your message.

Managing Your Personal Brand

Creating a strong personal brand is achieved through continuous, intelligent, AND effective brand management. This workshop will lay the foundation for personal branding and help you develop your unique brand.

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Photos below are from the May Empowerment Workshop